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cresmix sent: I entirely agree with you that Satomi might be the cutest and most expressive j-actress out there! :D Her face just fills my heart with rainbows ^__^ Btw do you happen to have a link for the subbed SP download or smth? ~thank you in any case <3

YEY! She is so kawaiii *-* Yeah, please check out my previous post, i posted all the links there! :)))

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mamorutakeshi-deactivated201305 sent: Do you happen to have a link to "Rich Man, Poor Woman" with the English subtitles? [swallows]

Sure. You can watch it online with subs on dramacrazy, or download subs and video from d-addicts torrent forum! ^-^

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I just watched RMPW special again, but this time with subs, and loved it even more! Serioulsy, it was wonderful from start to finish. I just love the team behind this drama! So talented.Everyone! ^-^

Honestly speaking, when this drama ended last spring, I was so satisfied with the ending, I saw no reason for a second season, but after watching the special, I now vote season 2! I want to see how will Thoru and Makoto change each other and turn into a strong loving couple. I just feel there are so much more to tell in their story! *-*

By the way, who else think, that Ishihara Satomi is the cutest thing evaar? lol I find her so talented, her acting is so unique and real. The girl shines like the sun! Satomi might be the best j-actress I know.

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I’m planning on doing serious blog makeover! New theme, background, also bunch of new gif sets, such as “Top favorite dramas, actors, otp etc”

Stay tuned, guys! ^-^

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Face of the week- O2 Couple (Jo In Sung &amp; Song Hye Kyo)
Drama- That Winter The Wind Blows

Face of the week- O2 Couple (Jo In Sung & Song Hye Kyo)

Drama- That Winter The Wind Blows

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yes-yes-yes-yes! Happy ending it is! *dancing*
I don’t get how so many people think it’s a sad ending?! Oh So and Youngie are definitely a l i v e, guys! pfff 

I got so nervous waiting for the finale! It’s crazy! I have so many mixed feelings right now and feeling a little tired after all the excitement lol 

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TWTWB Finale!

OK, I’m ready for a happy ending, writer-nim! Bring it! 
I won’t go on soompi and read recaps! I wont! I WON’T… i will watch all by my self! God, please give me some strength to avoid spoilers! F i g h t i n g!

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- Just now…you called me by my name?

- Yes. Ma-ko-to!

- Can you say it again?

- Ma…ko…to 

- To…ru!

- Say it again! 

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For those who did not get it, at the end there is a caption, that says “The end” “…is the next beginning” There is definitely a hint for a second season!

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It was the c u t e s t SP ever! I need subs asap! love the cast so much. I won’t mind if there will be season 2! Not ready to say goodbye to our flawless otp!!! I can watch them fight-kiss and fight-kiss again f o r e v e r! 

Get ready for lots of gifs guys! I’m super excited!

"Ma..Ko..To!" ahhhh it
 was so precious!